Facebook began testing the auto-destructive of messages after a certain period of time. Currently the news is only available to some users of Messenger in France and allows those people to send messages that then disappear automatically after a time.


Messenger can count to 700 million users, and its purpose has always been to allow people to communicate by voice as they would in real life. Therefore the introduction of the function that automatically deletes messages is a natural evolution to improve the user experience, justifies Facebook.

Critics more careful however, justify the arrival of this function as a very smart move by Facebook and other applications that emulates snapchat competitors like Lime, wechat or Telegram. It is no secret that in the past has tried to acquire Facebook snapchat for $ 3 billion and that after getting a ‘no’, the company has released the Poke application allowing to send a picture or video to a contact exclusively made on time and automatically deleted after viewing.

It must be said that Facebook to stay always on top and very emulates copy also very valuable ideas that are offered by other social networks like Twitter, or other applications successfully. To us users, however, it did not mind at all because it allows us to experience new services even better and more sophisticated.

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