Facebook through an experimental group inside the company has released Tuned, a new app especially dedicated to couples and, thanks to which you can share music, voice notes and create a digital album with your partner.

Facebook released Tuned in the App Store, a new application designed to provide couples with a “private space”.

Created by NPE (New Product Experimentation), an experimental group within Facebook, the app encourages couples to share Spotify messages, notes, voice memos, photos and songs with each other, thus creating a sort of digital album of the relationship.

It is a private space where you and your half can be yourself. With Tuned, you can be mushy, extravagant and silly. It’s like being together in person, even when you’re away. Creatively express your love, share your mood, exchange music and build a digital album of your special moments.

The free app allows you to connect couples using their phone number and does not require a Facebook account.

Tuned for iPhone is currently only available in the USA . We will update the article when it also arrives in Ghana.

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