Interoperability between applications that has sparked so much controversy continues to advance. WhatsApp messages will soon be redirected to Facebook Messenger

Despite the fuss of controversy and the fact that the company has been forced to stop work several times, Facebook does not give up and is continuing to work on integrating WhatsApp into Messenger.

The company’s plans are to centralize all messages within a single application, Messenger .

The Italian Alessandro Paluzzi , together with WABetaInfo, managed to unlock an option that forces WhatsApp messages to appear exactly like Facebook Messenger, within a floating popup and a cloud bearing the icon of the service. The function is not yet active to the public and has been discovered in the Android version but if this is the direction, it is clear that the effects of centralization will also be on iOS.

The connection of WhatsApp to Messenger will be optional, as is that of Instagram to Messenger, however it is clear that the messages all pass through a single place before being sorted into various apps according to your preferences. An advantage in all this would consist in the possibility of using some advanced Messenger functions that Whatsapp does not have and the fact that developers should focus on a single app to update instead of 3.

With the option enabled, you could also delete Whatsapp and all messages would still arrive in Facebook Messenger.

Another novelty coming for Whatsapp is a notification badge when you are mentioned within a group, as has been the case for years on Telegram.

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