Facebook will soon release a renewed design for its Messenger platform: a simpler and cleaner user interface, freeing the app from “superfluous” features such as games.

” When you send messages, you really want a quick and simple experience,” said Mark Zuckerberg during the F8 event keynote. ” We used this time to revolutionize the design of Messenger, to put the focus on this idea, ” said the CEO of Facebook after emphasizing the news about greater cleanliness and speed of the platform.

David Marcus, Vice President of Messenger, has confirmed that the renewed app will arrive “very, very busy”, and it’s something that the team has been working since the beginning of 2018. Dark Mode will not miss, an interesting novelty considering the increasingly frequent use of OLED displays.

The navigation bar at the bottom has been simplified with three central tabs, and even the chat screen is cleaner. In short, Facebook seems to be back on its feet, bringing Messenger to its initial form, namely that of the messaging app.

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