Facebook Messenger is among the most used in the world of messaging applications, to make its platform more superior the social giant is introducing an end-to-end encryption for messages exchanged by users but eventually all this is going to get even in Messenger.

While talking with a friend, we will be able to transmit data and sensitive information with the knowledge that no one else will ever read them outside of us. Simply touch the friend’s name, enter the menu and choose from the options that the private chat. You can also set a time limit after which the message will disappear completely.

Facebook Messenger conversations will not depart encrypted by default, as is the case of WhatsApp, because many people have the need to find conversations on different devices. The secret chat instead, take place only between two devices and are not visible elsewhere also do not support some rich media such as GIFs, videos, payments and other more advanced features, but you can exchange text and images in a private manner.

The novelty is in the testing phase and the rollout will take place shortly.

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