Do you need to replace the screen of your iPhone 13? Do not use a third party display!

If a customer replaces the iPhone 13 display at a repair center or third party vendor, such as those not authorized or affiliated with Apple through its Independent Repair Program, the Face ID on iPhone will no longer be usable .

Phone Repair Guru shows in a new video that although it is easier to replace some screen components, customers who need to replace the screen of one of the new iPhone 13 models will have to go to the Apple Store or an authorized center to repair the device. .

Specifically, if we replace the microphone , the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor , everything works as expected. But if we replace the display by replacing it with a third-party one, the Face ID will stop working . Additionally, we will display the following message:

Important message on the display

Unable to verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple display.

Phone Repair Guru explains that there are some workarounds like relocating some chips to the new screen , but most unauthorized repair centers won’t do it because it’s “too sophisticated”.

Apple operates its own independent ‌iPhone‌ repair program , which is designed to allow any third-party repair company or center to become an authorized service provider only if it meets certain requirements.

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