The current situation with smartphones and messaging applications is a two-sided coin: on one side we find the security and protection of privacy, on the other a more or less serious set of lawlessness.
And ‘news today that starring the ISIS and using Telegram for organizing the trafficking of women for sexual purposes. Posts like this are on the agenda:

Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years .. its price is $ 12,500, and will not long remain on sale.

Thanks to encrypted conversations and high security achieved by Telegram, the application has become the medium of choice for some illegal purpose ISIS and beyond. About 3,000 women are currently hostage, ready to be sold through an application for smartphones.

Spokesman Telegram has proved aware of the situation by stating: “The application is extremely popular in the Middle East. Among users unfortunately there is someone who uses it for illegal purposes ”

Even WhatsApp, which for some time crypt all conversations, by ISIS is used for the same purposes. Matt Steinfeld said: “We have zero tolerance towards such behavior. They should arrived reports and reports of private conversations will immediately disable account “.

Via | Mashable

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