One of the passengers’ iPhone 14s detected the crash thanks to the new Crash Detection feature.

Two people involved in a serious accident have been rescued and located thanks to the new features available on the latest iPhone 14 models, including Emergency SOS via satellite and Accident Detection.

The accident occurred on the Angeles Forest Highway in the Angeles National Forest in California, with a vehicle that plunged about 300 feet into a remote canyon. An ‌iPhone 14‌ model in the car detected the crash, and since there was no cellular signal, the information was fed to rescuers using Emergency SOS via satellite.

Victims sent an Emergency SOS via satellite text message to one of Apple’s relay centers, and a center employee then called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for help. The two people involved in the crash were located by the Montrose Research and Rescue Team and recovered by helicopter.

The Montrose Search and Rescue team confirmed that Apple’s Emergency Satellite Service was used to get help, and shared tweets show the vehicle sustained extensive damage when it plummeted from the mountain. The search and rescue team said Apple’s call center was able to provide “an accurate latitude and longitude of the victims”.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s new Satellite Emergency SOS feature has saved a life. Indeed, recently, the feature was used to rescue a man stranded in a remote area of ​​Alaska.

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