The Self Service Repair program is among Apple’s latest additions, but how many will seriously consider it?

The announcement of the Self Service Repair program left everyone speechless, an unexpected move by Apple. The repairs do-it-yourself , with original spare parts and tools, however, they will struggle to convince some users, according to research conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

According to the data collected by CIRP , almost all iPhones in use have a “usable” display, and the same goes for batteries. The displays that can be used despite having cracks represent 12%, those that are unusable and necessarily require a replacement 6%. As for the batteries, 26% guarantee at least half a day of use without the need for recharging, while for 14% a recharge cycle is required approximately every two hours.

The small number of devices that need repairs is certainly an interesting fact, but another factor should not be overlooked: there will probably be few users who will launch into do-it-yourself repairs, given the possibility of further damaging their device . Apple does provide manuals and tools, it is true, but putting into practice what is written (or shown on portals like iFixit) is not a walk in the park .

And according to Mike Levin, co-founder of CIRP, there is also more to consider:

People buy a new iPhone for several reasons, including processor performance and larger internal memory. Hence, only a small part of users will postpone the purchase of a new iPhone by repairing the device in their hands by taking advantage of the Self Service Repair program.

Used or not, it is important that among the user options there is Self Service Repair . An opening that many did not expect from the giant of Cupertino. What do you think about it? Will very few really take it into consideration?

The Self Service Repair program will be available in the United States in early 2022 and in other countries, including Italy, in the same year.

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