Following the tradition, DisplayMate has released its review of the new iPhone X display. The headset boasts Apple technology for high-resolution OLED display, automatic color management, excellent viewing angle and more. According to DisplayMate, the iPhone X has the “most innovative and best performance” smartphone display ever tested. There is also the compliment to Samsung for “developing and producing the incredible OLED hardware of the iPhone X”.

New aspect ratio and higher resolution

The iPhone X has a 5.8 “OLED display with 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, which is 22% wider than 16: 9 of the previous iPhone models (and many other smartphones on the market). For this reason, DisplayMate notes that iPhone X also has a new 2.5K resolution: 2436 x 1125 pixels, and 458ppi.

The resolution of the iPhone X display guarantees ” significantly better image sharpness “. According to DisplayMate, at present, there is no point in increasing the resolution and PPI of future iPhones, as there would be no user benefits in terms of display.

As a result of its wider display and the higher aspect ratio, the iPhone X has a new 2.5K Full HD + resolution display with 2436 × 1125 pixels and 458ppi, with 2.7 Mega Pixels, 32% more than an HDTV. The display has Sub-Pixel Diamond and Sub-Pixel Rendering with 458 pixels per inch, ensuring a sharpness of the image that can be found with a normal Vision 20/20 at the traditional 30 centimeter or more distance for smartphones, so the display is perfectly clear. As a result, smartphones are utterly useless to further increase display resolution and ppi at 4K (3940 × 2160 pixels) without any human benefit display!

Angle of vision

DisplayMate notes that the iPhone X has a lower percentage of brightness at a viewing angle of 30 ° than the LCD smartphones. The new Apple smartphone behaves excellently in color changes and in viewing angles.

Although smartphones are mostly devices for a single “observer,” the variation in display performance with viewing angles is very important as users often look at the smartphone from different angles. The angle is often over 30 °, more if a desk is laid on a desk. While LCDs typically see a 55% or more decrease in brightness at a viewing angle of 30 °. the iPhone X OLED display shows a much lower drop, with 22% of the brightness at 30 °.

Accuracy of colors and automatic color management

iPhone X supports two color gamut: the sRGB / Rec.709 used for most consumer content, and the new DCI-P3 found on 4K Ultra HD TVs (and last year’s iPhone 7,)

DisplayMate says images on the iPhone X display appear in the right colors with the right saturation. Ultimately, according to the headline, the new Apple’s top smartphone offers the best color accuracy with respect to all the other displays tested, with a display that is “visibly indistinguishable from the perfect”.

Lastly, DisplayMate declares that what makes the iPhone X display truly incredible is something called “Precision Display Calibration” that transforms OLED hardware into a stunning, incredibly accurate display and high performance. ”

Source: MacRumors

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