Apple made a point of noting that its new iPhone 7 display is its brightest iPhone display ever, and new in-depth analysis from DisplayMate shows it also breaks records in many other key areas making it one of the best performing displays it has ever tested.

With iPhone 7 Apple started to work with the iPad Pro display, which had already received the praise, managing to improve them further. Apple remains true to the LCD but it has made a better LCD display than any other, and not only in the smartphone arena.

Here are all the records that this screen reaches and exceeds:


  • The maximum color precision for a display (1.1 JNCD) – visually indistinguishable from perfection
  • The maximum luminance for a display (± 2%) – visually indistinguishable from perfection
  • A contrast and intensity very accurate (range 2.21) – visually indistinguishable from perfect
  • The highest peak in brightness ever achieved on a smartphone (705 nits)
  • The contrast higher than any LCD IPS (1,762)
  • The lower degree of reflection than any other smart phone displays (4.4%)
  • The biggest contrast in strong ambient light than any other smartphone (137 to 160)
  • The less color variation from every viewing angle (JNCD 2.1 or less)


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