The renders, shown above, use the supposed iPhone cases pictured on Wednesday and leaked schematics from late March to envisage the look of the future iPhone. Naturally, the most striking change is the display, stretching almost edge-to-edge.
Going to an edge-to-edge screen (thereby minimizing the width of the size bezels) means that the physical dimensions of the phone will not get much bigger than the current iPhone 5s design, despite the significant screen-size increase from 4 to roughly 4.7 inches diagonally.

The renders also demonstrate the repositioned Home Button, which is located on the right side in this interpretation. As expected, the renders also show a dramatically thinner profile, expected to be about 20% thinner than the current generation of iPhone.

The back of the device is also visible, ditching the two-tone design used on the iPhone 5 and 5s. If these renders turn out to be accurate, the iPhone 6′s rear will look like one piece of metal with two small ridges on the top and bottom of the backplate.

Note, however, that the flash is not dual-LED like the 5s. This has fuelled some recent speculation that the next-generation iPhone depicted in these mockups is actually the successor to the iPhone 5c, not the 5s. Aside from the standard flash, this theory does not yet hold much weight however.




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