A new Chrome update allows it to be 15% faster than Safari, even on new Macs

Today, Google released a new update for the Chrome browser , which returns to be the fastest in the world, even on Macs with Apple Silicon.

Thanks to a series of optimizations developed by Apple for new computers with proprietary chips, Safari was the fastest browser on these devices.

From today, however, Chrome, with version 99 , has obtained a series of optimizations that make it 43% faster than the previous update at the end of 2020. Today Chrome is 15% faster than Safari in terms of graphics performance, too. on newer Macs.

According to the tests carried out by the iSpazio editors through the Speedometer benchmark, the previous version of Google Chrome scored 250 on an iMac M1. After the update, the score increased to 304! At the same time, Safari scores 271.

To update Google Chrome, all you have to do is open the browser, click on the word Chrome in the top menu bar and then choose “About Google Chrome”.

Which browser do you use?

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