Users who can not wait to get their hands on the new iPhone 7 but do not want to wait until the launch date may opt for a resounding clone, not working, the next Apple device in China is sold at a pittance.

It ‘hard to say, at the time, if all the images that have been circulating on the net about the iPhone 7 will correspond to reality, probably some details will be modified, added or removed. But for $ 150 you can buy the smartphone prototype with the nearest aesthetics to what should characterize the Cupertino device.

Nick, the girl who appears in the video explains that the producers could make a fortune by purchasing the prototype to create cover, bumper and other accessories in advance of the official launch of the device. Otherwise it could be a way of saying jokingly to friends and relatives to be in possession of the new device before everyone else.

The Chinese prototype iPhone 7 seems to have all the features that have transpired over time about the next Apple smartphone including the goal of largest camera and moved to the outer edge.

It remains doubt about the confirmation of the aesthetic characteristics that could dispel the investment and the idea of success.

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