Broadcom’s chief executive said the company’s wireless sector revenue will come a quarter later than usual this year, suggesting that the launch of the iPhone 12 will be delayed.

Broadcom , a company that manufactures components for the Apple iPhone, has suggested that the launch of some iPhone 12 models may be delayed due to the current global health crisis.

Reported by  Bloomberg  , the Broadcom CEO shared more about the company’s expectations for the launch of the iPhone 12 without explicitly mentioning Apple. During the earnings call, Hock Tan, Broadcom’s CEO, spoke of a ” great delay in launching a product from one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in North America “.

Tan often refers to Apple in this way. This time, the executive said the delay will mean that Broadcom’s wireless revenue increase will occur a quarter later than usual this year.

The change in the launch for this year’s iPhone 12 lineup is significant for Broadcom as it translates to significantly lower revenue for the third quarter.

“We are not expecting revenue growth this year until our fourth fiscal quarter,” added the CEO. “Therefore, we expect our wireless revenue in the third quarter to decline gradually.”

There have been mixed rumors about this year’s iPhone release dates, but most information suggests that Apple is still planning the debut of the new devices . However, there may be delays that will cause some of the new iPhones to be released at a later date than normal.

Apple in 2018 released the iPhone XS and XS Max in September and released the iPhone XR in October, so we could potentially witness a similar launch this year.

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