The new technology to obtain a higher refresh rate will be introduced on both Pro models and not only on the Max according to Young’s report

With regard to the new iPhones, for some time there has been talk of new screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz capable of reproducing content more smoothly during fast sequences, scrolling, games and so on.

The rumors now give for sure that this year will be the right time for the iPhone 13 Pro Max but there are still uncertainties for the other models. The analyst Ross Young, through a tweet, makes it known that we can sleep peacefully: the same technology will certainly also be implemented on the iPhone 13 Pro . The models on which we will not find it will be only the basic ones (13 and 13 Mini).

A higher refresh rate also means greater battery consumption and this is precisely the reason why Apple has delayed the transition to 120Hz so long. Now the company has found the right system, namely the use of LTPO screens, the same ones already in use on the new Apple Watch that allow you to have the Always-on function.

LTPO stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxid and consists of an evolution of OLED screens in which it is possible to obtain a variable refresh rate rather than a fixed one like current iPhone displays. It is the same type of screen that allows you to have the “Pro Motion” on the iPad only when it is necessary and this will bring great benefits to the battery. Samsung already uses this type of OLED display and will be the one to supply them to Apple.

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