In 2023 BOE will join the manufacturers of LTPO OLED displays for the iPhone 15 Pro models. Will it be able to stand up to Samsung and LG?

Chinese display manufacturer BOE will provide Apple with LTPO OLED displays for iPhone 15 Pro models arriving in 2023.

The Elec reveals that following the Chinese manufacturer’s failed attempts in 2020 to supply displays for the iPhone 12 series, the BOE has made investments to expand its ability to produce LTPO OLED displays, which allow for a variable refresh rate of up to 120. Hz  for the iPhone 15 Pro, expected in 2023.

For the iPhone 14 series scheduled for this fall, BOE will continue to provide displays for the standard models only, while the Pro series displays will be manufactured by Samsung and LG.

So, for 2023, BOE plans to challenge Samsung and LG to produce OLED displays for iPhone Pro models as well.

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