Supply chain reports suggest that the OLED panel supplier BOE did not pass Apple’s quality assurance checks for the iPhone 12 displays.

Reportedly, the Chinese display manufacturer,  BOE ,  has failed to deliver the first batch of OLED panels for the  iPhone 12 , which is expected to be released later this year. According to Korean  DDaily , the failure is due to the BOE’s inability to pass OLED quality control tests .

It is unclear when the tests were conducted and whether they will impact the production and launch of the iPhone 12 lancio. Previously, Apple was expected to purchase 45 million panels from BOE , and it is not yet clear whether this will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic or the failure of quality tests.

BOE is the world’s largest producer of large liquid crystal displays and already produces displays for iPad and MacBook, but the company has focused on the expanding market for OLED panels, which is growing year by year.

Despite Apple’s focus on diversifying its suppliers for various components in its products, Samsung Display is still expected to supply nearly 80% of the OLED displays used in this year’s new iPhone line.

A while ago, the famous leaker Jon Prosser commented on BOE’s failure on Twitter:

Aaaaa THIS is why Apple can’t escape Samsung. Samsung and LG will produce OLED panels for iPhone 12 then. Good luck next year, BOE.

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