Another report says that the launch of the new iPhone 12 will not be delayed but there will be problems for future products

According to a new Bloomberg report, the iPhone 12  will not be delayed and will be released in the autumn as scheduled.

The signs indicate that production in China is slowly returning to normal. The upcoming iPhones with 5G functionality remain slated for launch in the fall, in part because mass production won’t start before summer.

Foxconn was forced to postpone the reopening of its main iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, as severe quarantine measures remained in place, however, reportedly, the iPhone maker significantly increased bonuses to attract new workers who need to assemble its products.

The report aligns with another published by Bloomberg earlier in the month stating that the upcoming Apple iPhone launch is still on schedule, in part because mass production is not expected to begin before May.

Since then, we have seen conflicting reports on the current state of Apple’s production timeline.

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