First information about iOS 13 begins. Bloomberg generally holds the record of anticipating the news of new Apple products and generally has always guessed its anticipations. Let’s see what’s new with the new iOS 13 and the upcoming iPhone.


For 2019 Apple plans to release the successors of the current iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which should have the codenames of D42 and D43, and a new version of the iPhone XR. The successor to the Max model should have the triple camera on the back. The other models should have the same setup as the current ones but with updated components.

Regarding the type of connection is still unclear whether Apple will continue to adopt the lightning connector, introduced with iPhone 5, or if it will use the new USB-C standard. According to reports from Bloomberg Apple would be testing internally iPhone with USB-C, but it is not clear if we will see the new door arrive in 2020 or already with the update this year. The USB-C connector was introduced on the iPad with the current version of the iPad Pro, released last October.

Almost certainly about 2020 is the introduction in the iPhone cameras of the 3D function with laser technology. This will significantly improve the experience of AR (Augmented Reality)

The long-range 3D camera, positioned on the rear, is designed to scan the environment and create reconstructions in three dimensions of the real world. It will work at 15 feet (4.5 m) from the device. This goes against the current 3D camera system of the iPhone, which is currently used in the Face ID system, which requires a distance of about 25-50 centimeters from the device.

iOS 13

Another news that is reported by Bloomberg concerns the next operating system for mobile devices, then iPhone and iPad. With the advent of the new iOS 13, which will probably be presented at the WWDC this year, which should be held in June, will finally arrive the long-awaited Dark Mode, the mode that will make the theme of iOS completely dark in its entirety. This will mainly allow to save a lot of battery for devices that have OLED technology, as well as the aesthetic factor.

Another news that should arrive with the new iOS mainly concerns iPad. The new operating system should contain big news about the iPad interface, with a new home screen and the ability to browse multiple versions of a single app, such as the pages of a web browser and improve file management.

Other services

According to Bloomberg, Apple will release two new services within the year, the first is the subscription of subscriptions to view newspapers directly from the News app (which in Italy is currently not active) and the second service should also be a subscription but for video content, a sort of Netflix. The new services will come with iOS updates, so they may even arrive before the iOS 13 public comes out.

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