Just as happened in recent years with the adoption of the 3G and LTE, Apple will launch the first 5G devices on the market after the other competitors. According to Bloomberg, in fact, the first iPhone 5G will be released just in 2020.

According to sources found by Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch the first iPhone with 5G connectivity just in 2020. The reason for this choice could be related to the moves made in the past, when other previous technologies have been adopted. For example, when Apple launched the iPhone 4S, other competitors already had LTE connectivity. However, these devices lacked autonomy due to the high consumption of first generation LTE modems. Apple adopted LTE connectivity in 2012 with the iPhone 5, using a second-generation modem with low power consumption.

A similar situation could also occur next year, with the release of the first 5G smartphones. Probably the first modems released on the market will not be perfect and must be optimised according to the needs of users and manufacturers. For this reason Apple would be waiting to adopt this new technology, leaving space to the competition to probe the ground. In 2020, however, according to the sources of Bloomberg, Apple will launch the first iPhone with the 5G modem.

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