Many small tricks coming both within iOS and in the AirTag firmware: security measures that will avoid improper use of the device

Apple has just published a new press release through which it notifies users of some changes and updates related to the AirTag to prevent the tracking of people, which constitutes the crime of stalking.

AirTags are economical and revolutionary devices, created to be combined with accessories in order to be able to find them easily through a network made up of more than a billion people around the world.

Apple has collected hundreds of testimonials related to the AirTag, thanks to which users all over the world have been able to find the matched objects. However, some people have used AirTags to commit crimes such as stalking or theft of assets and Apple has decided to take serious steps to prevent this.

Working with law enforcement

Each AirTag has a serial number and when activated it is also linked to its own Apple ID. Apple undertakes to provide law enforcement with all data to trace the owner of the AirTag that he has decided to misuse to commit a crime.

News coming soon for the security of AirTag and the Where’s Network

In the coming months, there will be several updates for both iOS and AirTag firmware. These will include:

  • New privacy warnings when configuring an AirTag: This is a new screen that will appear on the screen for configuring an AirTag by pairing it for the first time with your iPhone (and your Apple ID). Among the new information it will be clearly read that the AirTags were born to track one’s personal effects (objects) and not to track people without consent because this constitutes a crime. AirTag is also designed to protect victims of stalking or theft by sharing all data held by Apple about the owners of the device with law enforcement.

Resolving warning problems with AirPods : Even the AirPods, with a recent update, include features similar to AirTags and when the headphones are left in a friend’s car, the latter would display on his smartphone the message “an unknown accessory is being moving with you “. With an update, Apple will correctly display the name of the AirPods instead of “unknown accessory”. On the other hand, no problem for the AirTags that are already correctly notified.

Software improvements coming soon

  • Precision detection: Our AirTags can be found with precision detection that allows us to make an arrow appear on the screen of the iPhone 11, 12 and 13 that moves with us until we get close to the device. Soon it will be possible to view this arrow also to find the AirTag of a stranger that was used to track our movements. This will make it easier to find and deactivate it, eventually contacting the police.
  • Interactive notification with sound: When the AirTag of a stranger starts to sound because it is moving with you, now there will also be a notification on the screen from which we can play a sound or use the precision detection. This will help, if the AirTag is in a position where it is not possible to hear the sound, to be able to identify it equally with other visual systems.
  • Improvement of the unwanted detection warning logic: Apple’s system to warn users when an unknown AirTag moves with us uses sophisticated algorithms but soon Apple will update them in order to reduce times and warn in advance of the presence of a Unwanted AirTag.
  • AirTag Sound Optimization: Currently iOs users who receive an unwanted tracking alert, can play a sound to help them find the unknown AirTag. Apple will shortly adjust the tone sequence to use louder sounds in order to make the device more identifiable.

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