We do not yet know the hardware details and the software news but according to Prosser the new Apple Watch Series 7 will look like what you see in these renderings

The new Apple Watch Series 7 is scheduled for September and this year will bring a novelty in terms of design.

The design of the watch has remained virtually unchanged since the launch of the first model. Only with the Series 4, Apple has reduced the bezels and enlarged the screen size. Well this year should be the right time for another small change.

Nothing revolutionary, at first glance there will still be all the elements that will allow you to immediately recognize the Apple Watch, however the design with rounded and tapered edges will be replaced by more squared edges, a bit like the change that took place passing from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12.

The images you see in this article are renderings based on real images that Prosser claims to have seen.

On the left side of the body we will find 2 horizontal lines, probably for more powerful speakers. In addition, other variants of Apple Watch will be made, repeating the same colors of the AirPods Max.

At the moment there is already a red and a blue Apple Watch, but with the 7 series these colors will be less strong, so the red will become a sort of pink, the blue will turn into blue and green will also be added. This colors could also refer to an “SE” model rather than the 7 Series, but for the moment we do not have much information and we do not know if the company will also classify these products in two bands, distinguishing the cheaper one with the colors and the “Pro” one. ”With more classic styles.

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