The latest software update doesn’t seem to get along well with the seventh generation wearable.

Several Apple Watch Series 7 users are experiencing charging issues after updating the wearable to wathcOS version 8.3.

Most of the reports concern third-party chargers , such as the cheap ones found on Amazon. A user writes on Reddit:

I updated the smartwatch to version 8.3 last night, placed it on my third party charger this morning, came back after an hour and the charge rate increased by more or less 2%. I tried my husband’s Apple Watch and got the same result.

In some cases, Apple Watch only charges for a few initial minutes. Restarting the smartwatch might be a solution, but not permanent. There are also those who complain of an excessively slow recharge, or of an anomalous battery draining when the device is on the dock.

Charging problems are increasingly common with watchOS 8.3. It’s an absurd situation, it loads about 2% in 10 minutes. What is it about? Super slow charging exclusively for Apple Watch Series 7 or what ?!

Are you also experiencing charging problems with the 7th generation of Apple Watch after installing watchOS 8.3?

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