Apple Watch is once again the protagonist of a story, fortunately, with a happy ending. The latest episode comes from Florida, where the Cupertino company’s smartwatch warned an 18-year-old boy of an abnormality of his heartbeat (190 beats per minute).

After due analysis, it was found that Deanna Recktenwald suffers from chronic kidney disease, not discovered in previous years. The disease had not shown any other symptoms, but the abnormal heartbeat – discovered by Apple Watch – made it clear that there was something strange. ” I did not know what was happening, it all happened suddenly, ” said Deanna. ” It was disturbing when the smartwatch suggested we consult a doctor. I did not even know [Apple Watch] was able to provide this kind of warning, “the mother added.

Deanna was quickly taken to the clinic, where data recorded by Apple Watch were confirmed. Unfortunately, her kidneys seem to only work at 20%, so a transplant may be necessary for the future. However, its conditions can be monitored after what happened.

Deanna’s mother sent a letter to Apple to thank the company because Apple Watch saved her daughter’s life. Here is the letter:



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