The new sport-focused Apple Watch model coming this fall will feature a more shock-resistant body, larger display, and longer battery life.

A new report released by Bloomberg reveals more details on the Apple Watch “Rugged”. And interestingly, it looks like this model will have a bigger screen than any Apple Watch ever made.

Earlier this week analysts Ross Young and Jeff Pu said Apple worked on an Apple Watch Series 8 model with a 50.5mm display. It was unclear whether the company was planning to replace the 45mm model or if the larger display would be an exclusive feature of the new sports-focused version of the Apple Watch.

According to Bloomberg sources, the larger display will be one of the key features of the “Rugged” model. The larger display with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels will allow the system to show more information during exercises.

The report also mentions that this model will be built with a stronger metal “rather than aluminium” to make it even stronger. However, it is not mentioned which metal will be used – it could be steel or titanium. Due to the larger size, it is rumoured that the Apple Watch “Rugged” will also be equipped with a larger battery to accommodate longer training times.

The price of this brand new Apple Watch model should be higher than the stainless steel model for sale at € 739.

The sport-focused version of the Apple Watch will be sold alongside the standard Series 8 model scheduled for later this year and the new Apple Watch SE model. Aside from a larger body and tougher casing, this Apple Watch will perform the same way as the company’s other smartwatches and will have the same features coming to the Series 8.

Rumours suggest that the Apple Watch Series 8 will feature an S8 chip similar to the S7 and S6, along with an updated power-saving mode and new sensors that will allow it to monitor body temperature

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