A recent study, based on data collected from more than 14,000 wearable devices, demonstrated the ability of Apple Watch and other Android Wear to reveal the first signs of diabetes.

The study in question was conducted by the University of San Francisco and the private company Cardiogram. Here’s what he said about the co-founder of Cardiogram – Johnson Hsieh:

The heart is connected to our pancreas via the autonomic nervous system. When the person wearing it develops the first stages of diabetes, their pattern of heartbeat changes.

The Apple Watch is able to detect with an accuracy of 85% the change in this cardiac trend. As many as 462 people out of 14,000 have discovered they have diabetes.

Cardiogram will continue to analyze the data collected in order to process an automatic recognition software based on changes in the heartbeat. In this way, it will be really easy to reveal diabetes in every subject.

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