The data from Piper Sandler confirm the success of Apple-branded products among the youngest.

The latest edition of Piper Sandler’s Taking Stock with Teens survey found that Apple continues to be one of the most popular brands among young people . The result is based on the answers given by some 10,000 US teenagers to questions related to habits, aspirations and tech products used on a daily basis. Apple Watch is among the protagonists.

About 87% said they have an iPhone , one percentage point higher than the results recorded in the fall of 2020. 88% then said they intend to buy an iPhone, and more than 22% that they want to buy an iPhone. 13 this fall-winter.

iPhone, as is well known, is the most famous Apple branded product, but Apple Watch can also have its say ( the seventh generation is close to debut ). The wearable is on the wrist of 30% of respondents (+ 5% compared to autumn 2020). Also, speaking exclusively of teenagers, Apple Watch holds 86% of the smartwatch market share.

Finally, among adolescents in the “upper-income” (high income) bracket , with its 39% Apple Watch has conquered the title of top watch brand , surpassing Rolex (35%).

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