The band of fitness market is growing for a long time, but the “devices suffer” of security problems.According to a recent study, the ‘ Apple Watch as a fitness bracelet is able to overcome these problems and to position itself far above the other devices in terms of security.


According to a new study conducted by AV-Test , the Apple Watch is the safest fitness band. Although it has been evaluated with different criteria, because it can handle a lot more complex than other fitness bracelets operating system, the Apple smartwatch is undoubtedly the safest fitness device . Many other devices such as fitness Runtastic, Striiv and Xiaomi, suffering from several vulnerabilities that could be exploited for the theft of personal data or other attacks by some hacker team. Even Android devices, such as Samsung or LG smartwatch do not excel in safety, in fact hackers could break them without much difficulty. As for Pebble Time, Microsoft Band 2 and Basis Peak, they were able to obtain excellent results, without reaching those of the Apple Watch.

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