To promote the use of the tablet in landscape mode, the rear shell design may change.

According to a new rumor that is circulating in these hours, one of the next iPad Pro could have a different design regarding the rear body . In fact, Apple is thinking of rotating the company logo horizontally . For obvious reasons, a repositioning of the camera is also foreseeable.

With regard to the front, however, the camera would find space on the long side of the frame and not on the top of the same. If this were not the case, holding the tablet horizontally, the camera would almost always be covered by the fingers.

The aim of the Cupertino giant would be to promote the use of its flagship tablet in the landscape , therefore horizontally, contrary to what is done today. The indiscretion bears the signature of Dylandkt , a name perhaps little known to most, but which made itself known with rumors about the iPhone 13 Pro then confirmed.

The leaker, in his tweet, is keen to point out that the new layout may not debut on the next generation of iPad Pro. In any case, he is certain that Apple is working on it.

The indiscretion is likely, given that it is the same company led by Tim Cook that has been promoting his iPad Pro as a more than worthy replacement for a laptop for some years, showing it horizontally combined with the Magic Keyboard.

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