Watch Apple’s second-generation ? Yes, but perhaps half of 2016 .This is revealed by surveys of analysts do not foresee major changes to the new model of Apple-branded smartwatch.

If they were to be confirmed by the data distribution, the next version of Apple Watch may be submitted at least in the late spring of next year, most probably around the end of May or in early June.

No significant aesthetic change, it seems, except a possible thinning of the dial in spite of a slight reduction in the size of the battery with the corresponding lesser autonomy. Unless Apple decides to accept the request loudly by users who are hoping for an Apple Watch with a charge that lasts at least 24 hours.

So far there are very few who manage to resist smartwatch, with a charge for a whole day and often fail due to disposable batteries or displays with e-ink technology.

The new Apple Watch second generation will be designed to make the most WatchOS 2 and native applications.

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