The CEO of Beats Music, Ian Rogers, now Senior Director of Apple Music has published information about the launch of the service and more

iOS 8.4 will be released to the public on June 30 at 8 AM that match  15:00 Ghana.


Recall that Beats 1  of iOS will be heard by those who decide not to subscribe, nor the free trial of Apple Music. To listen to this radio just open the Music app, which will have a new icon, switching from red to white background. Android users on the other hand, can only listen to subscribing to the service.

Music will include Apple iTunes Match so no longer need to pay for this subscription of 25 € per year.iTunes Match iCloud keeps all of our music, even the tracks that we imported from CD. So we find ourselves on all our devices and we can hear all the songs we will be everywhere. Music with Apple, iTunes Match will become particularly important. The streaming music service from Apple in fact, also let you save tracks offline to listen to them indefinitely without using Internet traffic. With iTunes Match, the songs that eventually will save offline in our iCloud account and then we will find them on other devices.

In a series of Tweet he was asked if Apple Music with a maximum of tracks that can be synchronized with iTunes Match remained to 25,000 songs. Eddy Cue said yes, for an initial period of launch, then Apple will work to be able to a maximum of 100,000 songs with iOS 9.


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