In addition to the iPhone XR, Apple also wants to start producing the iPhone 11 in India.

new report from ET Telecom states that the company has just begun production of the iPhone XR in the country, with the intention of also manufacturing the iPhone 11 in the coming months. Apple has conducted several production tests in recent weeks to ensure that these devices can be produced at Foxconn Chennai in India.

Apple was already producing some older models at the Wistron facility (a Taiwanese company) in India, like iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, but this is the first time that the new models will be produced there. Sources told ET Telecom that the realization of the latest iPhone requires improved technical skills, which is why the process took a long time to start.

These models made in India are not only sold locally but are also exported throughout Europe, making India a ” global manufacturing centre “. However, even with Apple saving around 20% of import taxes, this will not affect the price of the product for Indian consumers for now.

The local government was pushing Apple to produce the full range of smartphones in India. Society sees India as a huge growth potential as its economy matures. This is also important for Apple to have alternatives in the production of its products, now with the trade war between the United States and China.

Apple now has a market share of around 2% in India, with Samsung and OnePlus being its main competitors. That number could increase soon, as iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are selling well in the country due to aggressive pricing and easier payment options.

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