A former Apple engineer who worked on the new AirPods Max said development began in 2016 when the original AirPods were released.

Yesterday, Apple introduced the new AirPods Max, and now one of the engineers who worked on the product has revealed how long they have been in development.

In a now-deleted tweet, former Apple engineer Dinesh Dave says he first signed an occupational nondisclosure agreement in 2016.

Dinesh Dave, currently a product designer at Facebook, held the position of the senior interactive designer at Apple from June 2014 to February 2018. Yesterday, immediately after the launch of the new Apple over-ear headphones, the designer tweeted: “The latest product NDA that I signed is finally out! ”.

As we can see from the image above, a user asked Dave when he signed the NDA and the designer replied “4 years ago”, revealing that the company started designing over-ear headphones in 2016, the year in. which released the original AirPods.

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