Directly from a recent article in the New York Times, which read what would appear Apple’s indirect response to earlier statements by Donald Trump. In the interview, the Cupertino company has decided to support its importance in the US market, taking advantage of its employees and the jobs offered.

Since the launch of the first iPhone case in 2007, Apple created over 2 million jobs, only in the US territory. The Cupertino company has just hired all these people, but also established excellent contracts with good salaries and different types of jobs suitable for any person. For example, an employee at the call center seat in Austin earns about $ 30,000 a year, while the high-level personnel in the same campus reaches on average $ 77,000 per year.

Apple allows all its employees to change their place of work within the company for six months. In this way both the employee and the company can tell whether the change was effective or not, and both can decide whether to confirm or not the end of the “grace period”. So Apple employees also have the opportunity to make a career within the company, in addition to expanding its curriculum that can then be noticed by other companies.

In short, beyond the political and statements of Donald Trump, Apple continues to do a great job within the United States. Even outside of US territory the company offers many jobs, as here in Italy. We’ll see if Donald Trump will still have something to say about the Cupertino company over the next four years of his mandate, after recent negative statements .

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