Due to a new rule imposed by the Chinese government, Apple has removed over 2,500 games from the Chinese App Store.

Over 2,500 games were removed from the Chinese App Store in the first seven days of July following a check of the available titles without the due release license imposed by the Chinese government.

Chinese mobile gaming regulations require all titles to be licensed by the National Press and Publication Administration prior to release, confirming that the app complies with the country’s strict content rules.

Despite this, many developers have been able to release their app on the Chinese App Store without such approval. Now, Apple will adhere to national regulations and developers will have until July 31 to enter the approval number and supporting documentation on the game page in the App Store Connect. After that date, premium games and any titles that include in-app purchases without an ISBN will be removed from the Chinese App Store  until they provide a valid license number.

In the first seven days of July, nearly 660 games were added to the market, while over 2,500 were removed.

The games removed had generated total gross sales of $ 34.7 million in China. Titles removed from the App Store include: Glu’s Contract Killer Zombies 2, Zynga’s Solitaire, Crazy Labs ‘ASMR Slicing, and Flaregames’ Nonstop Chuck Norris.

China has been the most profitable mobile gaming market in the world for years and has generated the highest revenue of any other country.

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