Apple has just released MacOS Mojave for all users. After the arrival of the new versions of iOS, tvOS, and watchOS, finally arrives also the new operating system dedicated to Apple Mac computers.

macOS Mojave is finally available for download. The innovations introduced by this operating system were presented during WWDC 2018 and subsequently tested by beta testers during the summer. Today, Monday, September 24th, MacOS Mojave arrives in the final version, available to all users.

Then find the list of compatible devices:

  • iMac Pro 2017
  • iMac end 2012 or later
  • Mac mini end 2012 or later
  • MacBook beginning 2015
  • MacBook Air mid-2012 or later
  • MacBook Pro mid-2012 or later
  • Mac Pro end 2013
  • Mac Pro mid-2010-2012 but with GPU able to support the Metal framework. To check, go to System Preferences  → System Report  → Hardware (left column) → Graphics / Monitor  → check the item “Metal”

macOS Mojave brings many new features to the Mac, including dark mode, which turns your computer into dark-colored schemes, and a new dynamic desktop with new backgrounds that change throughout the day depending on the time. There are also new productivity features like Pile that keeps the desk tidy by automatically reuniting files of the same type. The Mac experience has also been improved thanks to the arrival of some already known iOS apps, such as News, Voice Memo, and Stocks. And the Mac App Store has a whole new look and even better editorial content that makes it easier to find the right app.

Dark mode: a whole new view for the Mac

Dark mode turns the computer into a dark color scheme that emphasizes the contents and strains the eyes, especially when there is little light, such as in a dark room or in an airplane. Dark mode is integrated into the apps included on the Mac like Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar, and Photos. Users can choose this mode in System Preferences, and third-party developers can integrate it into their apps.

Pile: for a desk always in order

Pile keeps the desk tidy by automatically gathering files of the same type, such as images, presentations, PDFs and documents. Users can also customize Pile and sort files based on other features such as date or tags. To access a file just click to expand a stack and then open it.

Dynamic desk: the dawn of a new desktop

For the first time, MacOS Mojave offers a series of wallpapers that change throughout the day based on the time and location of the user. The background image, with the sand dunes of the Mojave desert, has different lighting depending on the time of day, from dawn to morning, at noon, at dusk and in the evening to give Mac users a desktop always new.

Finder: to do even more

The Finder in MacOS Mojave has a whole new Gallery view that allows users to browse through files, while the Preview panel displays all file metadata, making it easy to manage multimedia content. With the Quick Actions in the Finder Preview panel, users can create PDF documents and protect them with passwords, as well as perform custom Automator actions. Quick View now allows you to rotate and cut images, annotate PDFs and cut audio and video files; To view a file in Quick View just select it and press the spacebar.

Snapshots: the screen is photographed in a flash  

Snapshots offer intuitive on-screen controls for quick access to shooting options and new video recording features: just open the Snapshot utility or press Shift-Command-5 to view a series of commands to take pictures and record video of the screen. Mac, including options to set a timer or to choose where to save snapshots.

Continuity for photos: Mac and iPhone united as never before

With Continuity for photos, users can take a picture or scan a nearby object or document with their iPhone and have the photo or scan immediately on the Mac. They will only have to choose “Import from” in Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Notes, Mail and other apps compatible with scanning or shooting with an iOS device nearby.

New apps: News, Stock Exchange, Voice Memos, and Home

Some iOS app notes, including News, Borsa, Voice Memos, and Home make their debut on the Mac, so users can do even more things directly from the computer. The News app offers a single place to find reliable information and news edited by the editorial staff and customized for each user. The Borsa app is the best way to track market trends: it offers accurate market news and values in a customizable price list complete with interactive actions and graphs.

With the Casa app, users can control compatible accessories with HomeKit, for example, they can turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat or take a look at the baby monitor. With Memo Vocali it’s easier than ever to record personal reminders, lessons, meetings, interviews or ideas to turn into music with the microphone of the Mac, and then listen to them again via iCloud on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

New Mac App Store: new ways to discover great apps for Mac

The Mac App Store has been completely redesigned and now has even better editorial content that makes it easier to search for Mac apps. The new Discover panel highlights new Mac apps, while theme panels for creativity, work, games, and programming help users find apps for a project or a specific reason. Stories, collections, and videos help you find the perfect app with detailed information and advice on the apps and authors who use them. The Mac App Store also offers many new apps that include productivity tools like Omni Focus 3, and video games like Alto’s Adventure and The Gardens Between.

Safari: to whiz on the web with even more security

In Safari, the intelligent antitracking system prevents embedded content, such as “Like” or “Share” buttons and widgets for commenting on social networks, to keep track of users’ activities without their permission. In addition, Safari presents simplified system information when users browse web pages, to prevent companies from collecting data from creating a unique “fingerprint” that can be used for tracking. To help users better manage passwords, Safari automatically creates, stores, and inserts complex passwords when new online accounts are created, and reports the passwords that are already in use for users to modify them.

Additional features

  • Safari now supports site icons in browser panels, so users can identify all open sites at a glance. Site icons can be activated in System Preferences.
  • Mail now displays an Emoji menu inside the compose window, so it will be quicker and easier to add emojis to emails.
  • Siri on Mac now allows users to control all HomeKit-compatible home accessories and knows even more about food, celebrities, and car and motorbike races.
  • macOS Mojave introduces the English system languages (United Kingdom), English (Australia), French (Canada) and Chinese (traditional for Hong Kong), improved maps for China and Romanized keyboard input for Japanese.
  • Take a screenshot or record a screen video with the new Snapshot utility.
  • FaceTime with group video calls (coming in the fall)


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