New firmware, is the latest version that concludes the beta cycle for iOS 15.5 before the final release for everyone

Apple just released iOS 15.5 RC. The Release Candidate is nothing more than the definitive version of the firmware, however, reserved for developers and beta testers.

When the Release Candidate is released, the final version will be released for everyone within a week.

The novelties of iOS 15.5 are few:

  • The Wallet application has been updated to include a function that allows you to send and receive payment requests to Apple Cash users, unfortunately not available in Italy
  • The Podcast application has been updated with a new function that allows you to limit the number of episodes that can be saved in the iPhone’s internal memory. When the limit is exceeded, the oldest episodes are automatically deleted.
  • They fixed a problem with automation for home automation, in particular when a person arrives or leaves a place.

developers and beta testers can already download iOS 15.5 RC. In a few days, it will be officially released for everyone.

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