After a long beta test, iOS 11 is finally available for everyone.

The wait is over. After 3 months of development, Apple has just made available the final version of IOS 11 that contains hundreds of news we’re going to see in a complete way in a dedicated article.

How to install iOS 11

If you want to upgrade to iOS 11 while retaining all the photos, apps, and content you have on your iPhone, then the fastest system to do this is to open the Settings> General> Software Update. Your smartphone will find the upgrade, proceed with the instructions on the screen, waiting for the download and proceed with the installation.

If you want to make a clean installation then go ahead with a security backup through iTunes or iCloud, then download iOS 11 from the links below and use iTunes to restore your smartphone. Find all the step-by-step instructions inside an article that we’ve created for you and that we recommend you read:


The novelties in brief:

App Store

  • Introduces a new App Store design that further simplifies the discovery of apps and games every day.
  • Today’s New Look helps you discover new games or apps and offers you interesting articles, usage tips, and much more.
  • Introduces the new Play Panel to help you find new ones and identify the most in-demand ones.
  • Introduces an app panel with a selection of the best apps, dedicated rankings, and subdivisions by category.
  • The pages of the various apps include numerous video previews, the “Editor Choice” graphic entry, easy access to user feedback, and in-app purchase information.


  • The new Siri voice is even more natural and expressive.
  • Introduces the ability to translate sentences from English to Italian, Chinese, French, German or Spanish (in beta).
  • Siri can provide you with suggestions based on the use of Safari, News, Mail and Messages.
  • Introduces the ability to use Siri with apps that allow you to create notes to write lists of things to do, take notes and create reminders.
  • Adds support for banking apps and allows you to transfer money or view balance.
  • Adds support for reading QR codes.
  • Adds support for dictation in hindi and in the dialect of Shanghai.


  • Portrait mode now supports optical image stabilization, HDR mode, and True Tone flash.
  • Thanks to the new HEIF and HEVC formats, the photos and videos will occupy half the space.
  • The nine filters have been rethought to optimize and make skin complexion naturally.
  • Introduces the ability to automatically identify QR codes and scans them.


  • Introduces the new Live Photo Loop, Bounce and “Long Exposure” effects.
  • Introduces the ability to turn off audio, cut and choose the main photo of Live Photo you’ve taken.
  • The memory video content is automatically adjusted depending on the type of horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Record features introduces a myriad of new themes, including video clips dedicated to your pets, babies, weddings and sports events.
  • The People album is more accurate and keeps up to date on all your devices thanks to the iCloud Photo Library.
  • Adds support for animated GIFs.


  • Introduces maps of major airports and shopping malls.
  • Introduces the lanes and speed limits with step-by-step guidance.
  • Introduces the ability to use the zoom with one hand by double-taping and scrolling with your finger on the screen.
  • Allows you to interact with the Flyover mode directly by moving your device.

Do not disturb driving

  • Introduces the ability to automatically disable notifications and obscure the iPhone screen while you are driving.
  • Introduces the ability to send an auto-reply message to iMessage to inform some selected contacts that you are driving.

New features designed for iPad

  • The new Dock gives you quick access to your favorite apps and the ones you’ve opened most recently and can even appear over the apps you’re using.
    • You can resize the Dock so you can add the apps you like.
    • Recently used apps and those open on other devices are available on the right side of the screen.
  • Slide Over mode and Split View improved
    • Easily access apps in Slide Over mode and Split View directly from Dock.
    • Apps in Slide Over mode and those in the background are run simultaneously.
    • In Slide Over and Split View, apps can now be moved to the left side of the screen.
  • “Drag and drop” option
    • Ability to move text, images and files from one app to another on iPad.
    • Ability to use multi-touch gestures to move multiple items at once.
    • You can move content between different apps by holding down the element and releasing it to the desired location.
  • Edit option
    • You can use the Edit on documents, PDFs, web pages, photos, and more.
    • You can add comments instantly on iOS by placing Apple Pencil on the file you want to edit.
    • Create PDFs and add comments on everything you want to print.
  • Notes
    • You can instantly create a note by touching the screen lock with Apple Pencil.
    • Possibility of inserting drawings between one row and the other by placing Apple Pencil on the body of a note.
    • Possibility to search for handwritten texts.
    • The document scanner can automatically adjust the tilt and use image filters to remove shadows.
    • Introducing support for tables to organize and show information schematically.
    • You can highlight important notes by placing them at the top of the list.
  • File
    • Introducing the new File app to search, browse, and organize your files.
    • Provides support for iCloud Drive and third party cloud service providers.
    • Easily access files recently used on cloud apps and services with Recent Views.
    • Create folders and sort them by name, date, size, and tag.


  • Introduces the ability to tap letters with letters to enter numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks on the iPad.
  • Introduces support for using the One-Handed Keyboard on iPhone.
  • Adds support for new keyboards in Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Georgian, Irish, Kannada, Malayalam, Maori, Hate, Swahili, and Welsh.
  • It is possible to enter text into English on the ten-key pinyin keyboard.
  • Possibility to insert text into English on the Japanese Romaji keyboard.


  • It adds support for new types of accessories such as AirPlay 2 loudspeakers, irrigation devices, or smart taps.
  • Improves support for activation of commands based on detection of presence, time of day, and accessory type.
  • Introduces support for reading QR codes and the configuration of touch-fitting accessories.

Augmented reality

  • Introduces Support for Increased Real-Estate Technologies with App Store apps to deliver content on real-world scenes for interactive games, immersive product shopping experiences, industrial design, and more.

Automatic learning

  • Introduces basic learning technologies that can be used by App Store apps to deliver smart features with data automatically learned and re-processed on the device to provide better performance while respecting privacy.

More features and enhancements

  • Renewed control center design combines all the controls on a single screen.
  • Introduces the ability to add custom controls such as accessibility and access control options, magnifying glass, text size control option, screen recording option, and Wallet to control center.
  • Apple Music offers you the opportunity to discover the new music heard by your friends and to create a profile through which other people can listen to the playlists you have shared and know the music you usually listen to.
  • Apple News includes the most popular read articles for you, Siri’s tips, the best videos of the day in Today’s View, and other interesting news for Apple curators in the Spotlight panel.
  • You can access Apple’s ID on iCloud, iTunes, App Store, iMessage, FaceTime, and the iCloud keyring using the auto-configuration option.
  • Possibility to restore device settings including language, zone, network, keyboard preferences, frequently visited sites, Siri usage options, Home and Health data with the auto configuration option.
  • Easily share Wi-Fi access.
  • Support for receiving optimization notifications and using space in App settings such as Photos, Messages, and more.
  • With the “SOS Emergency” option, you can call the rescue based on the location, automatically send a notification to the emergency contacts, share the location, and view the clinic folder.
  • You can take Live Photo during a FaceTime call from another person’s Mac or iPhone.
  • You can check the status of a flight using Spotlight and Safari.
  • Introduces support for finding definitions and performing conversions and math operations in Safari.
  • Introduce the Russian-English bilingual dictionary.
  • Introduce the Portuguese-English bilingual dictionary.
  • Adds system font support to Arabic.


  • Adds support for image descriptions on VoiceOver.
  • Adds support for tables and lists in PDF format on VoiceOver.
  • Adds support for the “Write to Siri” option with basic search queries.
  • Adds video support with Braille subtitling and audio descriptions.
  • Ability to zoom in on the text and the app interface with the dynamic font.
  • The “Invert Colors” option has been retolded to allow better viewing of multimedia content.
  • Introducing color enhancement enhancements for “Read Choice” and “Read Screen” options.
  • Scans and writes full words thanks to the switch control option.

IOS 11 performance has been optimized for 64-bit apps. To work with this iOS version, 32-bit apps will need to be updated by developers.

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