Apple has just released the  final version of IOS 10.2.  Well after seven beta versions , the new update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available for all users! Then we go to see all the new features introduced in the last firmware.



iOS 10.2 introduces many new features, including the TV app (US only): integrated experience never seen before that allows you to access your TV shows and movies from multiple video app. The design of emoji, completely revised, adds more definition to the images. More than 100 new faces, new foods, animals, sports and professions. This update also comprises improvements to the stability problems and resolutions.


  • “In Queue” shows films and programs you’re watching and let you resume watching from where you stopped.
  • “Watch Now” suggests you new movies and TV programs.
  • In the section Store, discover new apps and the latest releases of iTunes.
  • Get access to the Library, to see your purchases on iTunes and the elements that you’ve rented.


  • Emoji have been redesigned with a unique design that makes it even more detailed.
  • More than 100 new emoji to new faces, new foods, animals, sports and professions.


  • Improved stability and increased frame rate for Live Photo.
  • More accurate grouping of similar pictures depicting the same subjects in the album People.
  • Solving a problem of Memories feature that caused the creation of videos from screen captures, whiteboards or received.
  • Resolving an issue where zoom in remained activated in the transition from the camera roll into iPhone 7 Plus camera.
  • Support of a greater number of RAW formats of digital cameras.


  • New Love Feast and full-screen in Messaging effects.
  • Resolution of an issue that prevented the display of the keyboard in Messaging.


  • Log in more easily with the options Shuffle, Repeat and “Queued”, by scrolling up in the “Now Playing”.
  • Choose how to organize your playlists, albums and songs in your library.


  • The saved items are displayed in the new section Saved.
  • Articles in the foreground from the channels to which you are subscribed will now be displayed in the section “For You”.
  • Switch from one article to another has never been easier, just scroll left or tap “Next Story” while you’re reading.


  • Fixing a problem in which the Move screen remained displayed after storing a message in Mail.
  • Resolution of a trouble activating Copy and Paste following prolonged pressure in Mail.
  • Resolving an issue in which selecting a wrong message after you delete a conversation by mail.


  • of BraillePen14 in VoiceOver support.
  • Resolving an issue where, while using VoiceOver, the braille table unexpectedly passed American English British English.
  • Solving a problem in which the optimized versions of Siri voices sometimes were not available in VoiceOver.
  • Solving a problem that prevented VoiceOver users to rearrange items in a list.
  • Solving a problem in which “control switches” sometimes it was not able to eliminate the voicemail.

Further improvements and bug fixes

  • of notifications support for HomeKit accessories, including covers of windows, presence sensors, movement, of doors and windows, for the detection of smoke, carbon monoxide and water leaks.
  • Support notifications HomeKit accessories when software updates are available the same.
  • Improving Bluetooth performance and connectivity with third-party accessories.
  • Solving a problem that made it appear unfocused participants in FaceTime calls.
  • Solving a problem that altered the proportions and orientation of the window during FaceTime calls.
  • Resolution of an issue that prevented the completion of the reproduction of messages in visual voicemail.
  • Resolving a Safari Reader issue where items were open as blank pages.
  • Solving a problem that caused the crash in Safari after marking an item as read in the “Reading List.”


  • iPad 4 (Wi-Fi)  (iPad3,4) –  Download
  • iPad 4 (CDMA)  (iPad3,6) –  Download
  • iPad Air (Wi-Fi)  (iPad4,1) –  Download
  • iPad Air (Cellular)  (iPad4,2) –  Download
  • Mini iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)  (iPad4,4) –  Download
  • iPad mini 2 (Cellular)  (iPad4,5) –  Download
  • Mini iPad 3 (Wi-Fi)  (iPad4,7) –  Download
  • iPad mini 3 (Cellular)  (iPad4,8) –  Download
  • mini iPad 4 (Wi-Fi)  (iPad5,1) –  Download
  • iPad mini 4 (Cellular)  (iPad5,2) –  Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi)  (iPad5,3) –  Download
  • iPad Air 2 (Cellular)  (iPad5,4) –  Download
  • Pro iPad (Wi-Fi)  (iPad6,7) –  Download
  • iPad Pro (9.7 “, Wi-Fi)  (iPad6,3) –  Download
  • iPad Pro (9.7 “, Cellular)  (iPad6,4) –  Download
  • iPad Pro (Cellular)  (iPad6,8) –  Download
  • iPhone 5 (iPhone5,2) –  Download
  • iPhone 5c  (iPhone5,4) –  Download
  • iPhone 5s  (iPhone6,2) –  Download
  • iPhone 6 Plus  (iPhone7,1) –  Download
  • iPhone 6  (iPhone7,2) –  Download
  • iPhone 6s  (iPhone8,1) –  Download
  • iPhone 6s Plus  (iPhone8,2) –  Download
  • iPhone SE  (iPhone8,4) –  Download
  • iPhone 7  (iPhone9,3) –  Download
  • iPhone 7 Plus  (iPhone9,4) –  Download

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