Apple launches a new band and face for the Apple Watch to celebrate Black History Month.

Apple has announced that it will celebrate Black History Month this year with a number of different initiatives.

One of the biggest announcements is a new edition of the Black Unity Sport band  and a matching Unit Lights dial , which Apple says are inspired by Afrofuturism.

Apple is launching a special edition of the Sport Black Unity band and a matching Unit Lights dial inspired by Afrofuturism, a philosophy that explores the Black experience through a narrative of science, technology and self-empowerment. As part of this launch, Apple is supporting organizations focused on advancing inclusion in science and technology for communities of color through its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative.

Designed by members and allies of Apple’s creative community to celebrate Black history and culture, the Sport Black Unity Loop and Lights dial of unity honors generations of communities of color across the African diaspora. This design symbolizes a common belief in the need for a fairer world. The vibrant red and green colors of the Pan-African flag appear as a speckled light across the black band.

In addition to the strap, Apple also released the unit’s Lights dial :

The strap is complemented by the unit’s Lights dial, designed using 2D ray tracing, a technology never before implemented for a watch face. Each pixel on the screen simulates the light and shadow falling on it, and the movement of the watch hands simultaneously reveals and hides the light, dynamically changing throughout the day.

The new watch face is already available in the Watch app on iPhone, while the band is currently only available in the US.

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