Apple has referenced four unreleased iPhones in an updated FCC document for its MagSafe charger.

There is only a week left for Apple’s September special event in which the company should present the new iPhone 13 models and more.

At the moment, several leakers claim that Apple will hold the event on Tuesday, September 14th . Also this year the event is expected to be completely virtual  due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that the company will send out invitations for the event to members of the press a week earlier, which is today 7 September .

A few hours ago, a new FCC filing revealed a revised version of the MagSafe charger , which could indicate an update to the company’s MagSafe accessory range coming with the new iPhone range.

The new MagSafe Charger added to the FCC database is the A2548 model , while the current version introduced with iPhone 12 is identified as A2140. The test unit was presented by Apple to the FCC on August 13, 2021, less than a month ago.

Based on the documents, we can’t say what’s different about this version of the MagSafe charger. Sometimes Apple updates its accessories with new model numbers due to small changes. However, there are some curious details about this document.

FCC has tested the new charger with eight different iPhone models , and this is where things start to get interesting. The document describes the iPhone models A2341, A2172, A2176 and A2342 as “Legacy Phone”, which are all iPhone 12 models. At the same time, the charger was also tested with four unidentified ” New Phone ” units , which are probably the four new iPhone 13 models.

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