Apple is looking to dapper its retail operations before the upcoming holiday season by rolling out a new design for its gift card and a new uniform for its store employees beginning from today.

The changes were reportedly announced by Apple’s new retail head Angela Ahrendts in an internal video sent to the employees. According to “anonymous sources,” Apple’s new gift cards will be available in solid silver, space gray and gold colors that will be inline with the company’s color scheme for the iPhone and the iPad. Just like the previous gift cards, these new gift cards can be used on Apple’s online or retail store.

Apple also plans to replace the traditional blue shirts with a red holiday t-shirt for retail employees. It also plans to remove the neck lanyard (for badge holders) so that employees can introduce themselves to customers.


According to TechnoBuffalo and retail sources of MacRumors, Apple will also start servicing Beats products in its stores from this week. While most of the servicing will be done through mail-in depot channels, the company will handle minor issues with chargers and cables at its store itself.

Apple had hired Angela Ahrendts earlier this year as the Senior Vice President of its Retail and Online Stores. In her first memo to the company’s employees, Ahrendts stated that the company will focus on evolving the consumer’s journey through their online and retail stores and surprise them by providing them with a “personalized Apple experience” at every turn.

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