Apple has decided to raise the minimum wage for its employees.

The Cupertino company has told its employees that their starting salary will increase to as low as $ 22 per hour.

The move comes as the company tries to tackle inflation, a tense job market and the willingness of employees to create unions within individual stores.

The new minimum wage represents a 45% increase over 2018 and will primarily affect retail workers.

“Supporting and retaining the best team members in the world allows us to provide the best and most innovative products and services for our customers.”

“This year, as part of our annual performance review process, we are increasing our global compensation budget,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement.

Just yesterday, Apple’s head of retail Deirdre O’Brien sent a video message to store employees addressing the aforementioned issues, arguing that while it is a workers’ right to join a union, there may be disadvantages for those who choose to do so.

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