We finally know all the details on the new iPhone 14 Pro, starting with the new pill-shaped Notch that manages to interact with the software all the way to the new cameras.

iPhone14 Pro

Apple presented the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and it must be admitted that the company has once again managed to positively affect users, despite a design very similar to the previous model and already widely seen in the various leaks of these months.

The news is not so many but every single aspect now really reaches perfection.

Change the Notch: now it has the pill shape and the Dynamic Island function

The old Notch has been permanently retired on the “Pro” range. Speaking of the design, Apple has stated that the iPhone 14 Pro will become iconic and this means that it is destined to last several years!

Now we find a pill in the center of the screen that Apple has managed to integrate particularly well with the software, making it appear as a beautiful and useful thing rather than a mere hole in the screen.

Thanks to the function called Dynamic Island, in fact, the pixels around that area will come to life with really well-studied animations and transitions. You will be able to view status notifications such as battery charging, music playback progress, call reception pop-ups, unlocking with Face ID and much, much more.

It will work a bit like the MacBook Touch Bar, able to show additional information while we use certain programs and this will increase productivity and allow us to really appreciate the new pill-shaped Notch.

Always-on Display and Pro Display

The screen changes radically, now even more performing, with a peak of 1600 nits of brightness indoors and a peak of 2000 nits outdoors. This will ensure excellent visibility in all light situations.

Much more important, however, is the refresh rate which can now go down to 1 Hz. This allows you to have the always-on function or the screen always on even when we are not using it, and thanks to iOS 16, we will be able to view notifications, widgets and clock even without illuminating the screen, allowing us to save battery by activating the display fewer times.

The software will make all wallpapers compatible with the always-on function because it will drastically darken them in order not to consume battery, while still showing pale colours.

A16 Bionic processor

It is a new processor that actually only slightly improves on the A15. We will notice the improvements a lot in terms of artificial intelligence for automatic photo enhancement. 6-core CPU (2 high-performance and 4 high-efficiency), 5-core GPU, battery that still lasts a full day.

Powerful new 48MP camera

For the first time on the iPhone, we have a 48MP camera. It will work in a very unique way, still delivering 12MP output. Basically, for every 4 pixels captured, the software will create only 1 which will have greater accuracy and perfection in colours. The artificial intelligence will then further improve the final yield.

The new camera will guarantee excellent results even in low light conditions. The lenses remain the same: 0.5x, 1x and 3x but by merging the cameras you will also be able to obtain a perfect digital zoom at 2x. The other cameras have also been improved, especially the ultra-wide angle which offers better performance and even more spectacular Macro photos.

By activating the ProRAW format you will be able to take 48MP photos and obtain 48MP output, very useful for professionals who can then further retouch them and maybe send them to print on a gigantic canvas without losing quality and resolution.

Finally, the Flash changes, and now a dimmable LED is used that adapts the power and lighting according to the situation it picks up: this will avoid photos that are excessively “burned” by too much light when there was no need.

Finally, a truly impressive video stabilization mode has been added. Even during a race, he will be able to record a video that will be so still that he will seem to have used a gimbal.

Satellite connectivity

It will only be available in America but the iPhone 14 Pro will be able to connect to satellites to send distress messages. The integration with the Dov’è app is also very useful, which will allow us to use this function as a sort of infallible anti-theft device. When the iPhone cannot connect to either a WiFi or a cellular network to determine its location, we can use the satellite to locate it.

Migration to the eSIM as the only resource

Apple has embarked on a very important modernization operation. The iPhone 14 models that will be sold in America will not have the slot to house the physical SIM. They will only use the eSIM, the virtual one already contained within the phone, and this will save space inside, make the iPhone more waterproof and bring operators around the world to a fast acceleration in this direction. Surely the other smartphone manufacturers, starting next year, will begin to imitate Apple by following it in this direction.

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