Apple showed the innovations introduced on iPadOS 15, including widgets on the HomeScreen, Quick Note and improvement for multitasking

Apple during the WWDC showed the innovations introduced on iPadOS 15 and here is everything that has been added:

Widgets are now available for the first time on the iPad HomeScreen, in an even larger format.

The iOS 14 app library on the iPhone is now available now also on the iPad, we will have direct access from the Dock via a new icon.

Another big update on the iPad is about multitasking; with a Tap on the top (center) of the screen, we will make icons appear. With these icons we will be able to minimize the app in the foreground, and select a second application in a much easier way than before.

There is also a shelf, which allows you to temporarily minimize an application and use it later.

In this way, finally, the iPad will be able to run many applications at the same time and not just two.

The Notes app is also improved on iPadOS 15, the first of these concerns the Mentions, the Notes can also be organized according to the Tags, and we will be able to search for them by tag.

With quick Note we will be able to pin something quickly, no matter what we are doing, just take the bottom right corner of the screen with Apple Pencil and a floating notes window will open in which to pin a phone number or something else.

For example, if we browse a site and want to save something, we can open the QuickNote, pin an address or a link with just one click. By selecting some text in safari, we will be able to report it in notes with a link. And by clicking the link in notes, the text we had chosen at the beginning within the page will be highlighted

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