After the AirPower slip and the launch of MagSafe Duo, the Cupertino-based company tries again the path of the multi-device charger.

How can we forget the failure of AirPower : announced by Apple (September 2017), postponed several times and, finally, officially trashed . We are talking about an accessory that can charge multiple devices at the same time . A base on which to place, for example, an iPhone, an Apple Watch and the case of the AirPods.

Well, the Cupertino company would not have thrown in the towel yet.

According to what was revealed by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s signature , Apple is currently engaged in the development of a new multi-device charger . A different solution from the MagSafe Duo (149 euros in Italy), which is simply formed by two separate power supplies but held together by the plastic structure.

Also according to Gurman, the Californian giant would be thinking of a true wireless charging option , very different from what we now call wireless, but which is actually induction. Finally, Apple would like its devices to be able to recharge each other in the future. Imagine, for example, charging an Apple Watch with… an iPhone!

Reverse charging ? Yes just like this.

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