According to The Information, Apple has shelved the ” walkie talkie ” project for iPhone, which would allow users to communicate with each other offline, such as during skiing or hiking.

The report says Apple was working with Intel on the project, which supposedly would have allowed iPhone users to send messages directly to other iPhone users on long-distance radio waves that bypass cellular networks, adding that the technology was designed to run at 900 MHz radio spectrum.

This feature should not be confused with the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie feature, which is based on Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

The project is said to have been partly suspended because the Apple executive, Rubén Caballero, left the company earlier this year. The technology was also based on Intel modems, according to the report, but Apple should start using Qualcomm modems in iPhones starting in 2020.

The technology could still appear in future iPhones, but the development of the function seems to be outstanding for now.

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