Samsung had promised the arrival of a smartphone with folding display in 2017, and various patents of the company confirmed the interest in this direction. Today emerges an Apple patent by which we understand that, among the various tests on future iPhone, there is also that folding.

The concept is certainly not new and stylistically you go back to the first Motorola Star Tac but from a technological point of view, evolution is indisputable.


The smartphone would be built with a new type of flexible OLED display, able to bend exactly halfway without showing any damage. Even the body should do the same and has been studied a new metal alloy called nitinol, a material that is obtained by linking nickel titanium, particularly known for its elastic properties.

Of course do not expect all this in the next model of iPhone, the patent in question describes only the idea of Apple and its operation to make sure no one else uses the same system in a future not too far away.

Via | AppleInsider

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