A new patent granted to Apple for a software to create a digital avatar , a kind of Nintendo Mii that users can use the entire Apple ecosystem.

The app described in the patent allows users to create “one of his alter egos representation”. The appearance of the avatar is customizable in almost all points of view (eyes, mouth, skin color, hair, etc. etc …). Avatar created can then be used in the various services that the giant California has, like iMessage and FaceTime. Apple may also provide developers with APIs to allow you to use digital characters even in the games, social networks and more.

For example, in the FaceTime user’s avatar can take place, however, taking account of the latter facial representation. It could be a technology similar to the one created by Faceshift, which Apple acquired about two years ago.

Like any other patent, we can not say with certainty when and if that technology becomes a reality. This news, however, could connect to a rumor launched by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI , according to which the iPhone 8 will feature a 3D front camera revolutionary, can also take selfies in 3D.

Via | Macrumors

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